Your child’s time in our ECC is precious and short.  A quality early childhood education is as essential as a good home and balanced diet. We know that every child is an individual and develops at a different rate and as educators we respect that while continuously encouraging them to grow and flourish. The information below is a guideline only.  Please talk to us if you have any questions!

Developmental Milestones for Preschool Children 4-5 years old

(48-60 months)

Social Emotional

  • Is very creative with make believe play
  • Likes to play with other children and is cooperative in play
  • Talks about likes and dislikes
  • Likes to sing and dance
  • More independent
  • Likes to please


  • Can name colors and numbers
  • Beginning to understand time
  • Tells you what will happen next in a story
  • Plays board games
  • Will work in small groups for 10-15 minutes
  • Knows about uses for everyday household items


  • Uses utensils independently (except knives)
  • Goes to the bathroom independently (with reminders)
  • Able to chew with lips closed


  • Tells longer stories
  • Recalls details of stories
  • Will use future tense
  • Can say name and address
  • Will use sentences with more than 5 words
  • Can sing songs from memory

Gross Motor

  • Swings
  • Climbs well
  • Can do somersaults
  • Starting to skip

Fine Motor

  • Can copy triangles and geometric shapes
  • Prints letters
  • Dresses and undresses without help
  • Draws a person with a body