“As the mother of two recent ECC graduates, I am grateful to the incredible teachers and staff at KI for preparing both of my children for success in private school kindergarten and beyond. Through play-based activity, and later through engaging T-K activities, my daughters developed important reading readiness and writing skills. Equally important was the loving way the teachers fostered their social-emotional development and love of learning. Our family couldn’t have asked for a better preschool experience.” – Kim

“As always, extremely impressed by the efficiency of everything you and your team do at KI, and the tremendous level of communication and engagement with your parents. Every day I’m again reminded that this was the best decision for our family. Thank you!”  – Melody

“KI is the #1 preschool choice for our family. I am so impressed by you, your staff, teachers and facility. I know our child will blossom in your nurturing, structured, inspiring environment. We love your emphasis on developing social skills, respect for teachers, others and self and Jewish identity.” – Laura