Your child’s time in our ECC is precious and short.  A quality early childhood education is as essential as a good home and balanced diet. We know that every child is an individual and develops at a different rate and as educators we respect that while continuously encouraging them to grow and flourish. The information below is a guideline only.  Please talk to us if you have any questions!

Developmental Milestones for Preschool Children 2-3 years old

(24-36 months)

Social Emotional

  • Likes to copy other people’s actions
  • Shoes more independence and defiance
  • Mostly parallel play but starting to include other children
  • Uses the word “mine” often
  • Likes routine


  • Can sort by shape and color
  • Likes make believe games
  • Can build 4 block towers
  • Can follow 2 step directions
  • Can complete simple puzzles


  • Can pull pants down (with a little help)
  • Can help put things away
  • Can serve themselves food (with a little mess)


  • Can use 3-5 word sentences
  • Can follow simple instructions
  • Can identify body parts and pictures of objects by words or pointing
  • Can say name, age, gender
  • Uses pronouns

Gross Motor

  • Can stand on tiptoe
  • Can kick a ball

Fine Motor

  • Helps dress and undress self
  • Holds crayon/pencil in proper writing grip
  • Can make vertical, horizontal and circular strokes
  • Can turn pages of a book